Support for tiny models


Trying to load a platform of 85 tiny models but it Preform shows “models need more support” although the red surfaces are not visible. Is there a way to detect the models that need more support? or any other tips/tricks?


Depending on how small these models are, you might consider using a different program to generate the supports like ChiTuBox, or Cura, then import the supported model back into Preform for printing.

Another possible solution, is to build the supports into your model and print it in Preform without supports


What sort of tiny models?

Are all the models the same? if so, then Preform should tell you if you hide all except one of them. If not then you will have to check each type of model in turn.


Click on each item. At the top of the build area content window, it will tell you if the model is adequately supported or needs more support.

It’s subtle and not something you would notice until you find yourself in a spot like this with a build platform chock full of items. (I speak from experience. (: )

Now that I know about this, I carefully check each item as I support it before I leave it. Just make that a reflexive check and you’ll know when you have enough supports. The red areas it displays would produce minima without supports. But the piece still needs to have supports to keep it from wobbling and the only visual clue you’ll get that you have enough is that message at the top of the build platform area telling you.

You may find it faster to minimize the job info portion of the screen and only check every 10 items or so, otherwise it will be checking all your items each and every time. (Again, I speak from experience.)


I appreciate the input although I never did get to run the parts.