Support Base too sharp, needs fillets

The new supports may be too “sharp”. I usually put a minimal (.005-.010) fillet on my entire model before printing. This greatly reduces the floaties in the resin that can muck things up.

Recently, I didn’t realize why I had suddenly gotten a lot more flotsam and jetsam in the resin after a print, but now I think that I recognize that the culprit is the Support Base having very acute and infinitely sharp corners.

I suggest a slight change to the Support Base to eliminate all sharps and replace them with nice rounded goodness.


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I don’t think the sharpness has much to do with it.

The “flotsam” is due to half-cured resin from the laser flare (the “normal” one) - the reason it usually doesn’t accumulate on the object (except in cases where the laser is outside the specs) is because base is overcured compared to the actual print.

Normally it would’ve just been semi-solidifed resin, or not even that, but on the first x compressed layers that get cured in multiple passes, the total laser exposure ends up high enough it actually creates cured “skins” hanging off the sides of the base.

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