Subscribe for flexible resin problem

Dear Formlabs team,

I wanted to subscribe for updates concerning the flexible resin which is coming some time soon. However when I try to enter my gmail address, it tells me I need to fill in a valid email address. When I tried using a different Hotmail address, I could register without any problems.

It seems that you don’t accept a Gmail address. Perhaps you can fix this problem. This might help people subscribe for other updates later on without having this problem.


It wouldn’t accept my email either.

Hey Alex & Vince! Thanks for letting us know about this issue. If you’d like to submit a ticket to we can get you on the list while we fix the subscription form.

I have run into this problem often on websites. I paste in my gmail address hit enter and it says, please enter a valid email address. I figured out the problem. The address that was “memorized”, had an extra space at the end. It cam in as " " instead of "" extra space at the end of the first one. When I typed it in manually or went in and did a backspace on the pasted one, it works fine. FOR ME, AT LEAST. My autofill settings in Chrome have the correct email without a space so I don’t know why one is added.

So suggestion to FORMLABS, update your logic to ignore trailing spaces for email entry fields.