Stranger Things!

So, I’ve had a problem with my Wifi in the past. Since then I bought a Ethernet plug to bridge the gap since the wireless was not working. Then…I got a Steam link and controller, so I used the ethernet plug for that out in my living room, thus it wasnt on my Form2, with the broken Wifi…

…apparently Wifi works again but not only does it work but I sometimes find my printer trying to print something that I already printed earlier that day or day before. It will say it jammed because I have no build plate on and also the plastic cover is over the resin.

Soooo, either someone has gotten into my wireless and is messing with me or the Form2 is starting to learn to “print again” just because it wants to. I have no idea why it’s doing this at all. I left it for a day, and when I came in the room my printer is in tonight, it had orange text saying it jammed trying to do a print that I had already done, cleaned up, finished, about 2 days ago.

The printer shouldn’t be able to start prints remotely without a user pressing the start button so if that’s happening, you should absolutely get in touch with our support team because that’s strange indeed. With networking issues, it’s sometimes the case that prints that haven’t finished uploading will get queued and display as uploading on the printer but they often timeout and shouldn’t be able to start themselves.

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