Software suggestions bis

I use a little bit the software and here is my suggestions :

I’m use to 3d softwares: that could be cool to be able to bind the keys because it’s a bit weird for me…

When you toogle the slice bar we sould have the option to only see the bottom of the mesh because it’s hard to see what’s going on with the entire mesh

add a gimbal axes for the rotation, scale, and translate ( that will be more more easier to use than the actual system )
add a button Reset for the advance setting of the structure generation.
add a Save preset for the structure generation !
add the ability to select more than 1 object

Bugs or error :

You have a little bug when we quicly click more than one time on the rotate and scale button…

It’s seems that sometime we have more than 1 mesh in the exact same place -> we should have an error ( or that should not be possible )

I don’t read the FAQ about the software but sometime my mesh become red in some area, what does that mean ?

But except that the software is really really cool ! I love the fact that we can modify the support structure !!
I will try later with broken mesh, higher resolution meshes etc…

The Slicer is amazingly fast, I’ve tried the famous Yoda bust ~150Mb and it takes only a few seconds, great optimization!

I think the red zones are the unsupported/limit areas.

When you look a the yoda bust picture without rotating it, the ears are not supported (and thus red).

Inner supports definitely a must, hopefully the team will release it soon.


Ho also I forgot (and can’t edit my post, crappy forum…),

but the slice I selected shows that any defect in the STL will generate strange results/bad slices…

Thanks for the share Damien B. I suppose the yoda bust is quite heavy …

i tried to go as far it’s possible without having an integrity issue … :

240 Mb 2.5 Million poly.

My computer is quite a horse war but at that density, there is a looot of lag … I’m sure it’s possible to optimize that.

If it’s not possible within the code, maybe you can add an option to show only the boundary box of the mesh, or a smaller resolution just for the preview in the software

If i remember well formlabs succed to handle mesh until 3M polygones… but how ?

Same here last night test was a little painfull to just try to load a 3 millions triangles object ( which translate by a 1.5 millions in Zbrush)

I managed to duplicate the mesh a second time but not 3 times.

I managed to get an out of memory from netfab when I tried to load a mesh that needed to be cleaned .

I hope that we will get some update that improve the frame rate and the limit of triangles before the printer ship