Skip resin filling

As noted in several of the online posts (Resin Fill Level & Expedite Filling Bypass, Form 3 stuck on 'Filling' before print and Search results for 'waiting for tank to fill' - Formlabs Community Forum to name a few) there is a problem of the printer trying to fill up the resin tank when there isn’t enough material in the cartridge but there’s plenty of material in the tank. While there is a continue function once the printer has tried to load the material for at least 30 mins, this takes too long and is not feasible in the long term. What would be great is if there could be a skip function before it tries to load the material, so much time would be saved that way and more of the material would be used up. In using the skip function, we would of course acknowledge that the print might fail but in my opinion, its a worthwhile risk.

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yup! I support that! Even with double-trouble excplamation-confirmation warnings, I’d prefer to skip the filling, than waiting. I know, there is the Open Mode, but I’d like to have the temparetature and wiper on.

But even more, I’d like to have the hollow option in PreForm… :wink:

outstanding! I would also very much welcome this feature!

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