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Skinrage Wax 40


Hi, I have trouble with the Skinrage from Wax 40. After print, wash in IPO and dry, a cube of 1x1x1 cm become 0.98x0.98x0.985 cm. But the point is this skinrage is not regular, it’s not constantly, it’s variable. Any suggestions?

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Hello @alessiospritz!

I’m so sorry to hear you’re running into some issues with your recent CW40 prints! Would you mind providing a little more detail as to your post-printing processing? How long you’re washing for etc?

With those details, it might be a little easier to identify what the likely culprit might be!

I would also highly recommend reaching to our support team as they’ll be best equipped to help you get the results you need as efficiently as possible.


Hi, normally I wash the resin in IPO for 30 seconds, and then i dry with ari compressor. Another problem is with Wax 40 frequently the goods is not complete. I already do the RESIN LIVEL CALIBRATION, but the result still the same.


I have had HIGHLY variable performance with CW 40. with many prints not even sticking to the build plate