Site logon on iOS devices

Not sure if it’s just me, but it seems impossible to log into the site (and, thus, the forum) from iOS devices. I’ve tried an iPhone 6+ and an iPad (both iOS 8.1) in Safari, with the same result.

Logging in just returns me to the login screen with no error messages and without actually logging me in.

Did you use a capital letter in your email address? If so it’s a known bug.

Nope. No capital letters.

Ok well they also know of and have to upgrade the forum software to fix a login problem with iOS8 which I forgot about. Supposedly they are working on it, but they couldn’t give me an estimate of when it would be fixed.

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Ah, thanks.
At least i know it’s not just me.

If you get a service person to send you a new invitation to the forums you can use that to log on specifically to them then the cookie will persist and you won’t have to log in anymore. That’s how I do it.

Thanks for the tip.
I think i’ll just leave it be and use the forum read-only on mobile devices for now.

Yeah, there are a number of quirks having to do with the version of Discourse. There are general log-in problems with mobile. It’s on the list. Thanks @Ante_Vukorepa and @RocusHalbasch!

For what it’s worth, it works fine in Chrome on iOS, so that’s one way around it too :slight_smile:

Hmm, right you are! Thanks for the recon!