Simple, functional parts for every day use made with the Form 1+

A short video on a few functional parts that are used on an every day basis - resins used:
Grey resin #2 Formlabs, Black resin Formlabs, Black Vorex resin Madesolid.


Awesome! Nice work!

Thanks :}

Really nice work… the spider gets me smiling (GREAT model!), and of course, those functional parts… that is what 3D printing and the Form1+ is all about. The music even gets me toe-tapping for a good mood on Friday - nice video too! LOVE this forum!!!

There was one thing missing though… seeing that spider slowly moving, moving gradually down into the hair of a sleeping person (who doesn’t like spiders, but has no heart problems)… he he… no, BEGONE wicked side of me :smiley:!!

I can say that I’m happy with My printer. I do not understand why does people bother to come to forums and try to trash talk a product like this. This is a constructive forum and I really appreciate that.

One note to all haters: if you do not like it just don’t come here.

I agree with you Silvio.

I worked with two other printers before deciding to get my Form1+ (my Sassy Monkey) :smile:
It is not a perfect printer but it is the most effective for what I do.

Hello friends…in order to preserve Jens awesome work and thread, I’ve removed the irrelevant posts by Jack and the replies. Feel free to PM me with any concerns.

Great work Jens!


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