Shipping time if ordering today

Hello.  simple question, what is the estimated shipping time for both the printer and 2 litres of resin (would prefer gray) if I order today?

Also, if anyone in London is interested I’m about to start a 3D Printing meet up group, to learn about the technology.



Hi Andrew’

try contacting a fortune teller to get the answer to your simple question.  None of the international backers have received their machines yet, purchases through the website come only once the Kickstarter orders have been honoured.  I ordered mine (and paid for it) on 21st November 2012. You will see from this forum that there is much frustration that is no prediction on delivery dates.  My guess is, look at what the website is currently showing and add 4 months.

The fact that I haven’t yet cancelled my order is a sign of the lack of quality competition at this level and the fact that the Kickstarter supporters are effectively buying a beta model and I get the distinct feeling that my first prints will benifit from all their frustrating tryouts! even if my money was banked 3 months before theirs!

I’d certainly be interested in your group.  Although not strictly a Londoner, I’m there frequently. I’ve done a lot of research, have quite a few samples from different processes and have brokered the purchase (by someone else) of an Objet 30 pro that I can get access to.

Hope this hasn’t depressed you too much!


Glad you are interested in the meet up, I’ll pencil something in.  I’ve been working with 3D printing myself for year, but never owned my own device.  Guess I’ll  have a wait :slight_smile: