Serial Numbers

Did you know that each Form 1 has a unique name? Instead of going with boring, serialized numbers to identify each printer, we assigned animal names. If you look at the sticker on the back panel of your printer, you’ll see SN AdjectiveAnimal.

My Form 1 is named DefiantCaribou. Thanks to the modeling of CreativeTools on Thingiverse, I was able to print a Defiant Caribou of my own. What’s your printers name? Can you print it?


Pro Tip: you can also find the name of your Form 1 by turning off the machine and then pressing and holding the button for three seconds. The name will appear on the OLED display.



I have a Dynamic Coyote. He is not a regular coyote because he is very dynamic.

I love that you guys decided to give them AdjectiveAnimal SNs; I won’t have to remember a crazy 2-billion-letter-and-number-long string. Funny thing about holding the button down; that was the first thing I did, and thought it was normal operation till I turned the printer on a few more times. :slight_smile:

Inspired by Ubuntu’s release naming scheme? :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Cabbage Patch kids/ garbage pail kids and their names.

Kinda random I bet, just to make it impossible to figure out how many printers are in the “wild”.

Hey FormLabs crew!  For an additional dollar amount can I pick the name of my printer when I order it?  I’m claiming SleepingDragon :)  I would pay an additional $20 for that.  Kick the idea around the office a bit, k?

I don’t think it’s entirely random. First letter probably is alphabetically incremented? Bunnie’s serial (he has a pre-prod unit) is ChiefCat. I have an Initial Formation unit and my serial is DarkPig.

DarkPig = Epic Super Villain


So so-far:

  • Defiant Caribou
  • Chief Cat
  • Dynamic Coyote
  • Dark Pig
    I love all of them but Dark Pig is my favorite
    Anyone know of any others?

Mine has grown on me over time, I wasn’t too crazy about it at first.


@Marc: omg… you win. so hard.

Best… serial number… EVER…!

I would have paid extra as a Kickstarter reward to have Marc’s serial ‘number’.  That’s awesome.

Marc that’s awesome and its my favorite kind of pigeon too!

+1 oh my gosh, so funny. I don’t think any name combo I get could ever compare with that.

That said, I thought pigeons operate on the Fused Deposition Modelling principle.  ;)

Actually I’m pretty sure it’s UV cured :stuck_out_tongue:

My printer’s name “Coherent Quelea”