Self-diagnostic functions and laser self-calibration

It has recently come to my attention that the focus of the laser is critical to successful prints. An out of focus laser will cause resin to semi-solidify inside and outside of the model boundaries ruining the print and potentially damaging the tray with stuck resin. Although I have had my printer for only a few weeks (actually a new replacement printer for the first one that failed), the laser alignment is out of spec (see halos around laser dot in attached photo), undoubtedly accounting for failed print after failed print). It was only after filing a support ticket that I even became aware that their is a hidden test to evaluate the laser focus, which is obviously degraded on my 3 week old printer. It’s aggravating to me that I have to go through 2 liters of expensive resin and two trays to establish that the laser is out of focus only after contacting support. And the only apparent solution is to send the printer in for another replacement.

What I suggest is that the printer goes through a firmware self-diagnsotic for laser alignment between each print, or better, between each layer and self-corrects if necessary. The Form1 probably isn’t engineered to do that, but I think degraded laser focus is what is causing print failures for many of us and is a necessary feature for the printer to succeed.