Scale individual axis without locking the other axis, please

Is it possible to scale a model on a single axis without affecting the other axis? I do not know how to turn off the scaling lock for all axis. That would be a good feature to add as Makerbot’s software can. :slight_smile:

Hi Tom,

We currently have no plans to introduce support for non-uniform part scaling in PreForm. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • The main reason is that we intend for PreForm to be the simplest possible tool that enables you to orient, support, lay out, and upload a print. This is just one of many possible CAD functions that we could introduce, but we feel that keeping the software simple has big benefits to our users in the long run. The UI overhead of such a feature is higher than one might expect.
  • Non-uniform scaling is a feature that is available in virtually every CAD suite out there, and is not 3D-printing-specific. Rather than introducing more CAD functionality to PreForm, we are focusing on building more tools specific to the printing process.


Right, as in creating a Linux version… Thanks! :smile:

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for the response. I respectfully disagree with your team’s decision. Stretching an object -should- be a feature of PreForm for users who are not CAD designers. It allows them to perform basic object manipulation, especially when producing objects made by others. Non-uniform part scaling is needed in Preform for people who need an easy way to tweak an object’s overall dimensions because they can’t do it themselves in CAD. The users who need Preform for its simplicity are the same people who need this feature.

Thanks for listening,

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@Tom_Hammond check out the series of 3 threads starting here - if what you’re looking for is ‘just’ tweaking overall dimensions, then there may lay the answer… I was also frustrated at first, as I noticed ‘stretching’ in the z axis and slight ‘shrinkage’ in the x and y axes, which I originally thought to solve in the ‘normal’ user interface part. But if you use @ChristopherBarr 's calibration method coupled with @KenCitron 's washing method (see his advice) you will, hopefully, be able to get very dimensionally accurate parts.

Let us know how you get on!


There is fine tuning adjustments in the software.
I do use a cheap natural hair chip brush like ones used for paint stripper in the IPA path. Majority of my prints have tiny details and this works well. I haven’t had any damage to the parts from thiis, surfaces don’t seem to be getting scratched.

Thanks for the advice, Sol!


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