Reusable mold material

I have used remelt from Alumilte but came across the same thing probably from the manufacturer called composimold found here:

They also have a putty but I haven’t given that a shot yet. One note try not to overheat it or it will bubble. The cooldown is pretty slow so you can degas it in a standard vacuum chamber if needed.

I find it handy for banging out extra copies of parts in various urethanes or even silicones since neither stick to the mold material. I still give the mold a quick hit of a release like the manns 200.

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Thanks! That Composimold material looks interesting.

It does have a low durometer, thinking in the 20-30 range. When cutting the part out you can chill the mold in a fridge to make it a little stiffer.

The cool down on it is slow so you have plenty of time to degas if you need to in a standard degassing chamber.