Resin Tray Label

It would be nice to have a good way to label the resin trays. I don’t want to just use a Sharpie marker on them and risk damaging the acrylic plastic they are made from. I want to be able to look into the front of the printer and read the resin type off the side of the tray.


Model and print one that hooks on. Print in clear and paint the text black. Then if you change what you use the tank for it would be easy to change the label. Just an idea.

How about one of those hand-held label printers. It would look great in seconds and you could always peel it off. I wouldn’t be the least bit worried about the sharpie cracking the acrylic.

How bout something like this:
I don’t have any resin to try printing one, but it’s designed for the original trays not the new ones.
And why can’t we upload STLs on here anymore?!

edit: I added more files it includes tags for Clear,Gray,White,Black,Red,Flex,and Cast

If anyone prints any of those please let me know how they work and if anything needs adjusted thanks!

The tray labels I designed have been downloaded 75 times so I wonder if anyone has tried printing one and if they fit ok?

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