Resin Tank volume indicator


I notice a radical effect of the resin left in the tank after a print. If i fill the tank up, print, the parts are perfect. I do notice that the resin left is thicker, presumming partly cured. If i run a second print, the finish is reduced dramatically. I beleive the thicker resin, sticks more to the part, and being partly cured is finally cured from the uv radiation on a new layer.

Would it be possible to have a more detailed scale (vernier) for the volume of resin? This way we could put 50ml for a 25 ml print for example or even a bit more to compensate with the resin that sticks to the part.

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@Loui_Leclerc don’t you filter your resin after each print with a paint strainer?


no i usually don’t. But interesting solution, I might give this a try.


I find 125 micron paint filters work best :smile:

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