Resin Sensor failure

I’ve now gone through TWO brand new never opened tanks.
Resin sensor works fine with other resins…(so I know its not the printer)
I’ve now tossed two brand new tanks, and two tanks full of resin…
Starting to get REALLY frustrated.

I opened a support ticket about the resin error, and they had me doing optical calibration,
and 100% ignored my reason for opening the support ticket in the first place. IE resin sensor issue…

Which resin works, and which resin doesn’t?

Black, White, Gray and Flexible work.
Durable does not.

Hate to say it, but these machines are the most unreliable machines I have ever used. I would never buy one for myself (I run the form2 for the university), and the help is sub-par at best. Found my best help here on the forums, formlabs just doesn’t care it seems. No this doesn’t help you, I am having the same problem on 2 of my 5 form2.