Resin FormLabs Standar V1 V2 V3

Hi, good afternoon, I like to know

-Differences between Standard Resin V1 V2 V3.
-Is there any difference using one color or another?

I use my form 1+ to make pieces for modeling on a very small scale. Small details, walls very long and thin 1mm. Work to the scale of 1: 160 reality.

I need your experience and knowledge on this.

To know which resin is the most suitable for my work.

I need you to have good print quality and do not end up doubling over time.

They are for static models, showcases.

Best regards

Differences will vary between each of the Standard Resins, but generally being on the most up-to-date formulation will yield improves to print quality and reliability. Grey V3 is the highest feature resolution material followed closely by Black V3.

What Frew stated is probably very accurate when applied to a Form 2, which is really the printer that a lot of the new resins are developed for, and that has the firmware updated to account for the changes in formulation.

On the other hand, that may not be the case when it comes to the Form 1/1+. This printer has not seen any development in the last year and a half. I know that Frew will disagree with this, and the argument is that FormLabs is actively testing the resins for compatibility with the old printers, however, they do not take in consideration the wear that is already on the older printers, nor the fact that a lot of them were built with previous generations lasers and other hardware.

So what may work just fine a on a test printer with low miles and relatively new/updated components, may not work so well on an older printer.

I found this to be true with 2 of my printers, as well as a few of other folks printers.

Yet, the old resin formulations work just fine, but unfortunately, the choice of buying one version over another is pretty much moot, as FormLabs stops selling the old formulation as soon as the new one becomes available.

Since Grey v3 was mentioned, I’ve tried the Grey V3 on 5 different Form 1+ printers, and none of them produce as good a print as the old Grey v2. On some the surface is very rough, and on another one, the sharp edges of the model are “soft”, yet the small surface details seem OK (weird), and on one printer it couldn’t print anything large (over 50mm high) successfully (corrupted supports leading to print failure).

Anyway, at least for me, the only resins I would currently recommend for an F1+ are the Clear, White & Black, in that order. I have also just finished running some prints with a 3rd party resin from ApplyLabWork, and that resin produces very good prints as well, similar to FormLabs White.