Resin Counter glitch

Was playing around in open mode with some off brand resin. I left my grey cartage in the printer while in open mode as this helps keep the heat in while printing.

Before I switched to open the resin counter said I had a full cartridge.

Now one liter later in open mode and I switch back my machine is now saying my cartridge is empty even though it is not… it is still full.
Looks like you need to turn off the resin counter on cartridges while in open mode.

I will also be sending a support ticket on this.

Hmm, printers in Open Mode shouldn’t interact with the Resin Cartridge at all and thanks for opening a support ticket so that we can look into this. Is it possible that the cartridge is having a bit of trouble dispensing resin? The valve at the bottom can sometimes be stubborn and needs to be squeezed to open prior to printing.

No… it dispenses fine (But I know what your saying as I have had to open up a few stubborn bite valves) I haven’t used open mode mode much as I haven’t really found a Aftermarket resin worth using for production. Was just playing with some huge parts that I didn’t really care about a great finish since they could be easily sanded/finished… I
But the few times I had used open mode I don’t think this ever happened so I can only think that during one of the updates something happened.

It is not devastating as all I am getting right now is the Warning screen so I just “ignore” and keep going… and if/when it eventually “locks out” the cartridge I will just manually add the rest…

I will be doing some open printing soon so I will see if it keeps happening and take some pics of the screen before and after…
I had noticed it during the process as I had to switch back and forth between open and standard to get the initial heat up but didn’t think to take a screenshot or pic as it wasn’t the end of the world… just weird.

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