Resin and Wifi

So I ordered new resin and this is what I got. As I looked at the clear package it was in, it seemed like there was moisture in there, and I was wrong, it was resin. The cap is double taped and it looks like someone poured resin out, then taped over it and clumsily put the tape back on. The side was dripping with resin pretty badly.

Between this and the WIFI not working on this Form2, I am not too happy.

We’ve seen a few cartridges leak during shipping and we’re investigating the cause and doing our best to mitigate this in the future. I’ve gotten in touch with our support team, and one of our members will reach out over email to help sort everything out. WiFi functionality can be a bit challenging based on your network configuration but our support team will help to troubleshoot in that regard as well.

I was offered $75 for my lost wifi and the support ticket was closed/almost closed as it was said the machine was “operating normally”. Even though I couldnt get the form2 to connect even to my mobile hotspot.

So I’ve had to go out and buy ethernet adapters to plug into my walls, but this doesn’t seem to be acceptable for a machine I just bought.

To be honest, not even a “We realize your wifi is out, here, take some resin.” But $75 coupon for the loss of my wifi ability on a new form2? Not really acceptable with me spending $40 on the adapters.

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