Reshape print with heated water?

Is it possible to heat a printed part in water to reshape? I have some warping in an otherwise great print and was hoping to reshape.

I don’t know about reshaping a part, but I can tell you that heat does soften up the part.

I had some ball & socket parts, that I simply couldn’t fit the ball in the socket because the socket edge wraps a little over the centerline (I’m not sure how else to explain it, other than the socket envelops more than half the ball),

Anyway, I put the socket part in hot water for about 10 minutes, and I was able to pop the ball into the socket with relatively little effort, after it cooled off, it went back to it’s normal shape and hardness.

That’s exactly what I’m meaning. I have a characters head that I made hollow on print. And the wall is thin enough it bowed out a bit. I want it to sit flush on his body so I thought to heat up some water get that part warm and then press it down on a surface until it was flat. Hold until it completely cools. I hope that works.
One thing I have in my favor is it’s to be flat I don’t have to deal with any curves.

I use a heat gun to bend prints. You can use an off contact thermometer to watch your temps. A pair of gloves would be a good idea because the part will get hot to the touch. I don’t think water would get hot enough.

Well it worked. I put the piece in hot water for a few seconds. Pulled it out and pressed down where I wanted to reform it. It cooled and stayed!

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