Repositioning an object

I’ve had six of six failures with white so far.  I’m using a new tank and for my last one I dumped the resin, made sure the tank was clean and started anew.  I noticed there was a scratch in the new tank (crap), it is on the left side towards the edge.  I read somewhere that the bottom of the Preform display is the left side of the tank so I thought I would move my object just to make sure the scratch wasn’t in the way.  As silly as it may sound, even though the help guides say to move print objects around, I have yet to figure out how.  Obvious mouse commands don’t work and I must be searching on the wrong terms because I haven’t found anything on how to do that.  Would appreciate a pointer.

As for the scratch on a virtually new $75 investment - it’s because the white resin really sticks to the bottom of the tank - hard.  That is frustrating but more so is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to patch it, or to buy a new silicon component to reduce my cost.  I did see some comments on cutting out the old one and making your own.  Seemed pretty simple but I also noticed the thread didn’t really come to closure since many pointed out the initial 88mm didn’t work all the time.  Any new information from users that hasn’t been posted yet?  I’m going to have to try this since I now have two tanks damaged from pulling up bad prints, which I seem to have at least 50% of the time.



Press enough key options and you can figure out most anything- shift is the magic key.  Now to see if print 7 will work :slight_smile:

To move your model to a different position: Open the Layout tab (the one right above the Form button) and then hold your left mouse button on the model and drag it to wherever you want it. As far as removing failed print globs (I’ve had several) all I can say is that it takes a great deal of patience working at it from every direction carefully.About the time you think it will never move it finally does. But there must be something wrong to keep having failed prints! Hope you can figure it out soon, best of luck! Vince