Replacement Rinse Tub?

Can I purchase replacement and additional Rinse Tubs?

Right now, the lid on my rinse tub is not locking very well. The latches seem to be wearing out and I’m concerned about the alcohol evaporating. If Form Labs doesn’t sell a replacement tub, is there another vendor that sells a container that’s compatible with the Finishing kit?

Thanks in advance for any helpful into.



I think you’ll find that none of the lids attach very well. I’m pretty disappointed with mine as well. I’m currently using thick blue ‘Broccoli Rubber Bands’ around the lid snap-downs, which kinda works - but not all that great…

I was thinking of looking at the ‘Container Store’ to see what they have available, like maybe something like this:

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Thanks for the tip! The rubber band is a good idea.

My container was fine when I first got it but it’s been in use for a couple of years. One latch in particular keeps popping open now.

I guess I should put in a ticket and ask. In the meantime, I’ll search around for an alternative too. Will post if I find anything that works well.


I put in a ticket. Will post again when I get a reply.


Just got a reply. FormLabs does not sell replacement tubs and they recommend purchasing a third party ‘tupperware’ tub. That’s a little disappointing because now I need to find a tub that fits the Finishing tray and the ‘sling’ that goes inside the tub.

Hopefully, this will be easier than I think but if anybody already knows a vendor for a tub that matches same size and shape as the original and has a locking lid, please post a link here.



Followup: I think I found a couple of potential ‘off-the-shelf’ replacements. I’ll need to measure the original when I get home tonight to be sure. Will post specific info if there’s a good match.

Followup #2: Wow, this may be harder than I thought. The closest visually matching container I can find online is this: Unfortunately, there are no specs listed for physical dimensions. Rubbermaid manufactures a similar container but the body seems to taper quite a bit so the ‘sling’ may not fit inside.

Almost every other container I can find is rectangular in shape or doesn’t have a locking lid.

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Hi Dennis
If your models are not too big you can go to your local chinese restaurant and order 2 large soups.
Those container would work well. On one you can cut the top section and make holes at the bottom, use that one to fit

The only one I can find that looks even close to the original container is the Sterilite product mentioned earlier. It’s inexpensive when ordered from Target and even cheaper from Amazon if you order a six-pack.

The Sterilte website lists the product specs:

6 5/8" L x 6 5/8" W x 9 1/4" H
16.8cm L x 16.8cm W x 23.5cm H

I didn’t have time to measure the original rinse tub last night but I’m going to order one of the Sterilite containers anyway.

Will report back after it arrives.


We use empty paint cans, You can buy them from Amazon, about $7 USD each. They seal well, you can put your print in the can, refit the lid and shake away w/o IPA leaking out of the can…and of course the metal is not effected by the IPA.

Hmm…the tub I ordered is taller than I expected but more importantly, it tapers towards the base to the ‘sling’ device doesn’t fit. It’s a nice container but not the right replacement for the original tub. On the bright side, it’s BPA free, microwaveable and has vent you can open, so I’ll use it to store soup. :smile:

This one’s made of glass and appears to be the right size and shape:


The containers in the kit look like they are from a company called Lock and Lock. The containers aren’t the cheapest but they’re pretty good quality.

there is a 4 pack on Amazon but this looks like a match for the container dimensions.

Edited for in stock in US

And I thought I had looked at everything on Amazon…great find Fred! :smile:

The problem I’m finding with many of the other containers is that they don’t have square bases or they taper too much. The one you found does sound like an identical or very similar item

I may check it out…I can use the extras as backup or possibly for other projects. Thanks for the suggestion.


Here’s my input…


Lock&Lock 135-Fluid Ounce Square Food Container, Tall, 16.6-Cup

or direct from manufacturer:

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