Rename Printer

The ability to rename the printer to something more appropriate. (Form 2)


The name is the serial number & Unique ID. If you were to change it, you’d loose that, and FormLabs would not be able to provide support.

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Well that is very unfortunate for me. Anyone else have a ridiculous and unprofessional name for their printer? “HumorousPig” is not what I would have chosen! I’m very upset and my OCD isn’t helping. If Formlabs can do anything about this I would be very gratefull.

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I would like to see a user defined description. Leave the serial number alone but allow the user to create their own name to show in the dashboard or any paperwork. This way you could have “CompanyName 1” for your printer but still retain the serial number for tracking/warranty with Formlabs.


Printer names/serial numbers are combination of one randomly selected adjective and one randomly selected animal name. I can understand that you think it is unprofessional but I think Formlabs thought it was a fun way to do serial numbers. Plus, they thought you could print/design yourself a printer mascot, which I think is a fun idea.

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@Joestefano Just be glad you don’t have this guy’s printer!

And just to reiterate, you cannot change printer names.

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I’m sure quite a few people have suggested a change for those “serialnames”. I also see that a machine like that can become something “personal” and a more suitable, personal name would be desired.

You’ll have 3 types of people; those who hate the serialnames, those who find them funny (I assume some people of Formlabs belong to that category) and those who don’t care or get used to it.

I’ve had altogether 4
Formlabs Machines:





The positive aspect of those serialnames is not having endless number and letter combos but 2 actual words, which are easier to remember.
And just like Aaron here says - maybe Formlabs can have a set of serialnames one can choose from before ordering or during order process. While specific requests might be a bit tricky as people will start having all kinds of requests and sometimes those names might already be taken just by chance. This would be like those vanity license plates.

I personally am not much of a friend of those serialnames either but in the end much more important is that the machine does perform as it is claimed it does.

This is definitely funny and also a great idea IMO as it allows for easy sharing of the “SN”. Completely agree with that.

There’s just no reason why we should not be able to rename the printer in the dashboard is all.

Okay…so you’re telling me ‘nutley’ is supposed to be some sort of animal name? Exactly what would a nutley mascot look like??

Even while typing this text, the editor keeps marking ‘nutley’ in red as a misspelled word! Autocorrect keeps changing it to ‘nuttily.’ Seriously, what the heck is a nutley supposed to be?

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I have AromaticPony :confounded:

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I won’t lie, I am stumped on that one. If you Google it or try to find a definition it will only give you the town in New Jersey. Sorry man, unless someone at Formlabs is from the “glorious” town of Nutley, New Jersey, I have no idea where they got that one.

To be fair, this is the first ever device S/N I remember off the top of my head, and I will probably never forget it for the rest of my days. Glory to ExcellentDoge!

please for the love of god let me never see my serial number again.

mine is pretty cool future Reindeer

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I guys, I’m sorry but I think that making up “funny” name makes that whole thing less professionnal…
I just got my Form3 printer for my company and we work in a french speaking evironnement, so my coworkers don’t even get “the joke” and keep asking me what that description on the screen means.

yeesh, mine is CompleteYak

Just bought my first Form3 printer, I love it! But, I think it is very unfortunate that FORMLABS thought it was a good idea to control what one names the printer you have purchased from them. It bad user experience for FORMLABS to make it impossible to rename a printer that you own!

Nutley is a town in New Jersey. I’m guessing whoever gave your printer its serial number overrode the adjective/animal rule and declared their love of their home town by naming your printer “GloriousNutley”. :slight_smile:

There is a very good reason why Formlabs given each printer an unique memorable name, in that follow each printer via the Dashboard and Support. Can you image how that would be impossible if they had to deal with 20,000 printers called “MyForm3”?

It’s just a silly affectation. There is no reason why the printer’s name has to have anything to do with the printer’s “globally unique identifier”.