Removing from the built platform. Really hard

Is that supposed to be that hard? I mean it takes a lot of effort to remove the models, and sort of scratch the metal plate… The other thing I found is that the screws that are on the metal, are not totally flushed to the surface, when I use the scrapper I can feel it is not perfectly flat to the surface. Is this normal? In one of the models I was removing, I fractured while removing it, a piece got stuck very hard to the metal plate.

Everything you describe is normal. As far as the parts sticking too well to the build plate you could try increasing the build gap in the fine tuning tab. You need to be carefully as if you go too far you prints will fail due to them not adhering to the build plate.

I use snowboard Wax. on build platform. Usually it makes it much easier to remove item. If model stuck hard, hold soldering iron to build platform. That melts wax first before model gets damaged and model drops off.


Hasn’t this contaminated the resin at all? Or made your model to fall?

I have not had a problem with failures not related to poor layout of object design. All failures were corrected with adjustment to model of changes in preform. The Wax is very hard need to applied with a IRON.

take a small flat headed screw driver and slide it into each of the triangle release points. Gently rotate the screw drive to carefully lift up that section of the print. It should pop off after doing a few of em.

I’ve seen that many PLA machines uses some sort of blue tape to make removal easier. would’t this work on this system?

Sorry, what you mean it needs to be applied with an iron? what you do with the iron? heat the metal of the build platform? melt the wax? I’m having real trouble with some pieces that contain small parts, they print fine, but at the removal moment they break because the flex produced by the spatula peeling it off…

@David_Barry any specific brand of wax you recommend?

I just grabbed what on sale at local ski shop. Apply and scrape just lie n this video. You can use you formlabs scraper.

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do you buffer it after like the guy on the video does? or just iron it?

I just scrape to make wax thin and even with no high points. The buffing is more for when you use on a snowboard to get a direction in the grain of the wax. We only care about making a non porous surface that can be easily melted if stuck really bad.
I think the aluminum was a poor choice for the build platform. Aluminum has a very porous surface.

thanks for all the help!

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