Remove requirement for OpenGL 2.1


If the computer does not support OpenGL 2.1 the software willy display an error twice on start and crash.

This bug could entrirely be avoided by removing that requirement!
In my tests, the software won’t start if I connect to the Computer by RDP (Complaining, that there is no support for OpenGL 2.1)

But if I start the software directly at the computer (no remote connection) but afterwards connect to that computer by RDP the Software runs just fine!

The means that either:

  • The detection of OpenGL 2.1 support is broken
  • That the software runs without problems even if there is no OpenGL 2.1 available.

The software does not really put a big load on the graphics hardware. If there is a need for openGL, than also an ancient version of OpenGL should suffice. Even cheap onboard graphic chips should be able to handle that (maybe not as smooth as another graphics card, but that’s the users decision!)

So please leave the user the choice and don’t enforce unnecessary restrictions!

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