Refer and Earn $500!


Invite anyone from your network who is new to Formlabs to receive $500 off their first Form 3 3D printer and we’ll give you the same amount off any materials or accessories in return.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Share your unique referral code that you received in your inbox with your network or a colleague.

Register to Dashboard to receive your unique referral code directly to your inbox. Share your code directly with your network, whether it’s a colleague in another department at your company or someone else you think might benefit from 3D printing.

Step 2. Your referrals will receive $500 off the Form 3.

Your referral code can be used up to 10 times by new customers through our sales team.

Step 3. Redeem your $500.
Every time your unique referral code is redeemed, you’ll receive a coupon code directly to your inbox for a $500 Formlabs credit that can be used on any materials or accessories.

Have you been referred by a current Formlabs customer? Awesome! Contact our sales team to redeem your referral code and receive $500 off your Form 3.

Curious to learn more about the Referral Program? Learn more here.


To save some people time:

Where is the referral program valid?
The referral program is currently only valid in North America.


So is this like one of those punch cards at a coffee shop?

If I refer 20 people can I get a Form 3L for free?


That explains the absence of response…


Can anyone refer me? I want to buy Form 3. Thanks!


I refer you, Buttersweet- to Formlabs’ Form 3


Thank you! How can I get it?


Any one have a referral code they care to share to get $500 for both of us?


Your loyalty discount code is: F3-PRINTER-UPGRADE-N4S1H37FV5QG.


So where am I to use this code. i tried it using it while I was placing my order online but it didn’t work? What dies this code get me?


pretty sure he just massing with ya xD


I think you need to contact sales to get the $500 discount and place an order through them.


looking for a referral to buy my first form labs printer, thanks!



Does anybody need a referral code?


Here you go.
Remember you need to call a sales person you can’t use it on the website.



Was actually promoting my own if anybody needed lol FORM3-8XCHYT I’ll just leave that there. The more the merrier though!


I noticed a few individuals listing their codes on ebay? Curious if that is accepted in terms of getting credit? I had a hard time finding a code earlier this month so I gave sales two codes listed on ebay (I didn’t complete any auctions, it was just in the description).

Sales said they were invalid, so maybe they got shut down.?

FORM3-14ND9C (