Prints going....weird and with Lilly pad layers all over them

Ok so just about at wits end with my printer… form 1+, black resin, 0.025 micros jewellery for cast moulding and getting word Lilly pad type layers all over the print and print dropping off build platform 70% of the time…HELP before it goes in the bin

this is what’s going on with it…annoying as ****

This results from dirty/smudged optical surfaces: stray light causes the “lily pads”; lack energy density causes parts not to adhere.

So how do I fix it, also noticed orientation is out as set to print along hinge side in program but it prints along left hand side…help

I would talk with support to debug the issue. As for orientation, the hinge side is the left side, looking at the printer print. Once you take out the build platform and flip it over (as PreForm shows), that becomes the right side.

I have had a similar problem. I can tell you my fix, but yours may not be the same problem.

It started with a failed print. I tried to remove the floating lily pads, but I kept getting the same results, print after print. After trying many things, nothing worked.

The solution was to filter the resin through a paint filter just as Formlabs recommends. I then looked at the empty resin tank and saw many thin, partial bases still attached to the platform. They were difficult to see, but they were there. I carefully removed the partial bases with the scraper provided by Formlabs. Do this very carefully. Otherwise you might damage the base material. Use the scraper until you can feel no bumps on the tank surface. I had to do this a number of times because I kept see/feeling small pieces of stuck resin. Then completely clean the tank, again following Formlabe direction.

Then, I began to make good parts again.

Bill Box

I second @bbox’s response. When I get what I think you’re describing as “lily pads” they are caused by floating “flakes” of resin from previous prints that didn’t necessarily fail, but had unsupported parts.

I’ve started filtering my resin through the paper filter cones into a 1 quart paint container and storing the resin in the paint container in a dark cabinet rather than in the tray.

I also use the “slices” feature in PreForm to look for unsupported parts of the model before printing. I also inspect prints…if they have any flakes attached to the model in random places, that frequently shows that there was an unsupported place on the model, and I filter the resin to ensure the next prints don’t have problems.

It seems like a hassle, but it’s really not that bad.