Printing out-of-print Lego parts, do I look like I know what a .pov is?

Hey everybody, it’s me again, the guy with the weird questions.

So I recently came across LDraw, a massive library of Lego parts in digital format, and I wanted to print some older Bionicle parts for the fun of it. Only trouble is, they’re all in .pov file format. Obviously, this doesn’t translate in any way to a file format that can be read by PreForm. If anybody out here has any information about how to convert these files, that would be awesome, my search for it proved unhelpful.


It’s a POV-Ray file. See for details.

I think this will convert your POV to a STL…

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I think there’s a way to convert it–but the mesh will need some work, it’s made of components and will likely not be able to print. It might repair when you import to PreForm but it would be better to import into your 3D software and check things first. Also, if the part is curved then you’ll need to subdivide the curves more otherwise it will end up faceted when you print it out and that can be difficult to smooth.

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