Printer will stick on resin tank and mutch misprints

I have a lot of problems with the form labs 2 that I am thinking of replacing the printer for a sls printer i have used 4 to 5 liters of resin and still do not have what I want everything draws crooked after the form cure waiting is now on the rigid resin if that does not help then I am going to sell the printer for a sls printer this printer has already cost me enough unnecessary money

no matter how I print it it stays crooked sometimes the form cure makes it worse even this has already cost me the necessary resin

You have a lot more support points than are necessary, I don’t know if it’ll make the print straighter, but you just need a few supports around the starting point and then after that you need to spread out the supports to give good stability but you don’t need a bunch of supports that are 1mm apart.