Printer odometer & log file

I came across some really really interesting files when cleaning through my hard drive. I noticed a 1.5 Gb log file sitting in my user data folder which is being generated by Preform.

Most interesting to me is the “odometer”!!! In Windows, check out C:\Users(your user name)\AppData\Local\Formlabs\PreForm\odometer

You get info like how long your laser has been turned on, how long the tilt motor has been running, how many aborted prints, etc… I’m currently waiting on my printer to be repaired/upgraded after it started suffering the “degraded laser focus” problem so many other people are experiencing. FWIW, the laser has been used 411457 (seconds?) = 114 hours over a total of 66 prints.

Anyways… is it OK to delete the log file? I can’t imagine needing a 1.5Gb log file on my drive…

Hi David,

it’s ok to remove the log file. We keep it in case the printer needs to be refurbished and we can’t access the data from the printer directly. Obviously, it grows over time…

Regards, Manuel

I have no such log file on my computer and I want to see lifetime usage for my Form 1+. How do I get that file?

I asked in the below thread, too, but my guess is you will know this answer, Manuel, and it’s highly related to this thread, so I’ll ask here too.