"Print shift" on parts

I am getting pretty decent prints as of late, but occasionally I get this “print shift” that occurs.

I use all of the automated settings; Orientation, Supports, Layout, and I print “lights out” over night so there is no one bumping into the printer. It doesn’t seem to happen on every print. but seems to happen more often on the .05mm setting more than the .1mm setting.

Any ideas?
Anyone else getting this?

I had exactly the same issue with a recent print. My conclusion was the piece was creating too much stress during the peel process, combined with a small cross section. I could be wrong of course!

Yeh, I’m getting that as well.

I’m getting it too!
and at the same height.

Mine happens right above the base (luckily) so it doesn’t affect the prints. I just see the faint line on the supports.

I don’t think it’s stress because I usually print very small and light objects. Also it’s always at the same exact spot.

Hey guys! Definitely shoot a message to support so our team can take a look if the shift is effecting your prints.

I have this problem too! Probably 25 percent of the time my prints are ruined by this “shift”. Has there been any progress in resolving this issue? What causes it?

I just printed a part after updating to the latest PreForm v1.7.1 and I did not get any shift. Granted, this is only after printing one part, but I’m hopeful.

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Check for wiggle on your base platform. There is a set screw you can tighten, in my case even tightening it I still had wiggle so I “welded” it. No more lines. The wiggle in the build platform shifted with the peel process and that is what was giving me the exact same lines.

Interesting. I’ll have to check for “wiggle”.

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