Print looking like melted wax

Hi, I’m trying to figure out what words I need to use in a search for diagnosing a print defect. This object comes out looking like melted wax.

I’m using a Form2 with Clear v4 resin that is a few months old. I have received this same defect with multiple orientations and layer thicknesses. I do not receive this problem when printing another object that is completely different. So I don’t think it is a consistent issue that affects all objects. I also swapped the tanks, swapped resins, and attempted to clean the window just below the tank. My next step to some extent, I think, is to check mirrors. But since I didn’t have this problem with another test print, I figured I’d see if anyone has other suggestions.


Would you call this “undeveloped features”? Would you call this a variation in rashing? Perhaps something else?

It occurred to me that it might be useful to compare that section to the design. The details are octogons that are clear and distinct from each other.

Clean your optics and try again.