Print failures using Highest quality (0.025mm) with castable resin

Okay who hear uses Castable Resin, at the highest quality (0.025mm) and is able to get a successful print? for the life of me, i cannot hahah. i know it isnt my printer because i have had a good amount of successful prints using medium quality but nothing above. and i am just wondering if it is a common problem with this type of resin.

Hi Ryley,

Like you I recently started printing at .025mm.
With prongs on pendats I have had no problem and they come out realy nice and clean.

I have had some issues with prongs that are almost horizontal on a ring.
I think that because the first layers on a horizontal prong are so thin it is not strong or thick enough to hold when
it peels to move to the next layer.

I think if the software had a mid level like .035 or .040
it would work because the layers would be thicker. (Hint, Hint.)

The diference in going from .050 to .025 is very small.
If we had a mid level, that would make a “BIG” difference for jewelry models. (Hink, Hint.)

Hi Ryley,

I get pretty consistent results printing with Castable resin at .025 resolution.
Most of our pieces are small-- earrings, pendants, rings.

Can you describe the problems you are encountering? Perhaps share a photo or two.

I found my success rate improved when I started straining the resin with a paint filter between prints. But again, I’d hesitate to offer too many suggestions without knowing more about the problems you are seeing at fine resolution.

-JD Davison
The Lab Partners

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