Print Failures/Anomalies

Hello everyone,

For my job, I am printing models of caverns that have been created by my company. To do this I am using sonar data and a script to make a solid model in AutoCAD and then exporting an STL into Meshmixer to create a 4 mm hollow. This usually works perfectly and I have had numerous successful prints using this method. Recently, however, I began to experience a failure across a number of my prints. It happens in the same place, along both sides of the print. A picture is worth a thousand words so here is a link to three of them:

Does anyone know what may have caused this and if so how to remedy it?

Thanks so much.

How many prints have you run on your resin tank? They wear out, you know… Also, it pays to position successive prints at different locations on the build plate, to keep from wearing out one specific area while the rest of the tank remains pristine.

The printer can ID the resin tank, it’s chipped. It knows where prints are placed on the tank. PreForm should keep track of the usage, a “heat map” showing how much each area has been repeatedly used, so you’d have a better way to manage the resin tank resource and possibly find ways to position prints to squeeze a few more out of the tank before it’s totally toast.

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