Print Fail

Any idea on how this failed and how to fix it.


What constitutes “failed”? Looks pretty clean to me…

Sorry, forgot the good one.

Ah, well now I see the problem. :slight_smile:

The defect appears to have started quite early in the print, in a spot that is surprising. I’d have positioned the part pretty much the same way you have. You might look at adding some additional supports in that area. Or changing the position a bit, like give it a little “roll” so you aren’t printing large surfaces completely parallel with the build plate. (I like this second idea better).

re: second idea.
I would like to produce 5 sets of this case design.
I would like to keep the outside surfaces as clean (i.e. no dimples) as possible.

I was thinking about standing the parts on a vertical axis each side-by-side.
But I wonder if that is a good idea.

I have four bosses on the inside of the case.
The tear drop is one of those bosses.
So it printed that boss, but totally missed the cover.

Both halves:

No, I don’t think standing it more upright will help. If anything, you want to lay it back a bit more… And if you keep it positioned so all the supports contact the inside of the case you won’t have any post-print cleanup to do…

I found the missing piece.
It was at the bottom of the tank.
It looks like without the supports, being soft it just fell off.

I reprinted it today with 25% more supports.

The surface finish looks great.
This week I will print 4 up is this same angle.
I may try 6 up. I need to produce 10 sets total by the end of this week.

Thanks for all the feedback.

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I would normally flip it so that smooth surface is the part that the supports connect to–since it’s much easier to clean a flat surface than it is to clean the stuff on the other side

If the reverse side is the inside of the print, it’s invisible and you don’t have to do any cleanup. I always try to position my prints to minimize the amount of touchup required for visible surfaces. I don’t care if the parts of the print that I can’t seen in the final assembly are a bit “ratty”.

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