Print error code: 41

Same Problem here in normal mode the Printer startes up and as soon as it is in Position for the first layer to be printed the Display wents dark and the Printer restart’s.

But my buildplatform retractes.

In open mode (no heating and wiper) i get a Little bit further .
The laser tries to make the first layer bevor “Error Code 41” comes up.

Hi Uwe

Formlabs not explained what is: error code 41, but after various tests, I sent back my printer to Formlabs.
Formlabs yesterday sent an email to me, in which he said that the problem had been solved:
I don’t know what they have made.
Now, I wait my printer for the next week and I hope the problem is resolved permanently.
I want to start printing :grin:

my advice: immediately you open a support ticket


I just got my Form2 printer and having the same problem…

First print ever - after about 0.5mm of the base it gave me error 41, than Initializing Printer by itself.
Second print - different model - error 41, didnt print anything.
Third print - same.
Forth print - print about 0.8 mm then the same error.
Fifth Print - same.
The thin layer that was printed looks OK, good adhesion to the platform/
I never succeed to prit something, but it seems that it takes a very long time to the printer to do each layer ( of the 8 layers she did ).
I would appriciate any help…

The same problem here.
Received the Form 2 last friday (April 26th), it has not come further than roughly 5 layers.

After a few layers, the printer turns off, back on, and sometimes raises the platform. Sometimes the build platform stays in the resin tray. The only way to raise the build platform is by unplugging the powercord and rebooting the printer.

The first few layers / ~0.5mm seem to be fine.

Sometimes, the printer gives a Error code 41. Most of the times it doesn’t.

Trying to get a new Form 2 running as well. Computer and connectivity issues due to IT restrictions, so trying to use my personal laptop which seems to be working fine with the printer - connected via USB. Printer does not have a network connection so the upload diagnostics won’t be an option for me.

Same issue as others describe - just a start on the base structure before the print aborts with an Error 41. I also noticed that it takes nearly 2 minutes for each layer.

Has anyone found resolution that does not involve replacing the printer?

I think I was the first person on the forums to report incidents of Error 41. Since then Formlabs replaced my Form 2 with a brand new one and it has identical problems straight out of the gate (first print failed with that error).

I did have several successful prints on my first Form 2 before it happened, so I’m wondering if it might be due to a major bug introduced in one of the later firmware versions (and / or a correlated electronics issue).

Since BOTH of my Form 2’s have had this issue, I’m wondering just what percentage of Form 2 early adopters are being affected by this.

I wish Formlabs were more transparent about what “Error 41” actually means. If it helps, one of their support reps told me:

Error 41 is the software fuse for the galvanometers being tripped. This issue can be related to outdated firmware, but since you’re running the most recent version, we’ll need to bring your printer back for recalibration, since this problem will cause most of your prints to fail after a few layers.

Stephen, perhaps you could elaborate a little on what you guys know about this so far.

Thanks for jumping in and sharing your own experience with Error 41, Richard. I also had this thread open and am working on some summary information to share for anyone who sees Error 41. I’ll follow up with more details.

Great, looking forward to that. In the meantime, for others in the dark, Support shared a little more information with me:

The issue here is the reading from the galvanometer software fuse. If it detects current that is too high, it will shut down the print. Some versions of the firmware have a bug that calculates the current incorrectly, leading to false positives with the fuse. This only occurs on certain printers with certain calibration parameters, and unfortunately has happened to both the printers you’ve had.

I doubt they’d mind me sharing this, but since it was from a private conversation, I ask you don’t jump to conclusions (I’m not sure if your Error 41 is the same as mine) and please try to be patient with Formlabs.

Together with Formlabs support, I seem to have fixed my Error 41 problem after installing older firmware (rc-1.3.2-259) and an older Preform (2.2.1). This did not help, but reverting back to the latest firmware (1.4.3-288) and Preform (2.3.3) after the downgrade seems to have fixed it.

Maybe other people can also try this downgrade and update cycle to see if it helps. I received the older firmware after getting in touch with Support. My printer seems to be fine now. :slight_smile:

Really appreciate all of the reported issues, which are helpful for us to debug and get you answers and solutions. Here’s a bit more detail for anyone who sees an Error 41 message from the Form 2:

Error 41 indicates an error reading the galvanometers, based on the printer’s hardware and firmware version. To resolve an Error Code 41 message, update the Form 2’s firmware.

  1. Install the lastest version of PreForm.
  2. Check the changelog and download the latest firmware from Formlabs.
  3. Update the printer’s firmware. Instructions from

Please contact our team with any further questions or reports of Error 41 messages on the Form 2. We’re working to correct this error in an upcoming update; it’s important to us that we can track these issues to fully resolve and prevent the error message for you.

[Edited 8 Aug 2016: removed direct links to older PreForm and firmware versions. At this time and for the past several releases, the latest versions of software and firmware are the recommended first steps to resolve Error 41.]

Thanks for the tip. I tried the downgrade / upgrade cycle; unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

I’ve got my Form 2 two weeks ago.
I did two prints with no issues, but after a few days I had the same problem as so many of you.
The printer shuts down unexpected and starts again. While initialization the platform lifts up again.
The file reports “print canceled”.

When I use “open mode” I have the same process with one exception concerning the file report:
Print failed. Print error code:41

Downgrading to Firmware rc-1.3.2-258 and PreForm 2.2.0 did’nt change anything.
It only opens a new issue, when I try to upload new files:

With PreForm 2.3.3 I see this message:

And btw: Yes, I opened a support ticket.

Thanks for opening the support ticket, Schoner. It sounds like your printer may be experiencing the brown out described above, so the team will be glad to help debug that for you. We may need to get you on a different PreForm version to be compatible with firmware 1.3.2.

Same error 41 here, just downgraded to PreForm 2.2.1 and firmware 1.3. Now I realized there is no v3 of resin available to choose on this version of software. Any ideas?

So what can you offer me, Stephen? I’m still waiting for a working solution.

Since you’re already in touch with support, they’ll continue working with you to get a resolution. Our European team in Berlin was offline yesterday for a holiday. You should have an answer about your printer and the error 41 shortly.

Thanks, Stephen. By now I have the answer: I have to send it back for replacement of the galvanometers. :frowning:

Last Friday we received our new Form2 printer and since the very beginning we are having the exact same problem. Ticket-ID: 66007

Every print stops with error code 41 and since today we also have the brownout problem which lets the machine restart in the middle of the print while canceling it.

Downgrade to PreForm 2.2.1 and firmware 1.3.2 does not work, because then our resin type “Clear FLGPCL03” is not available in the dropdown menu anymore.

Downloading the newest PreForm 2.4.0 brings us several error messages telling that some necessary files are missing to run it. And without PreForm 2.4.0 we also can’t use the newest firmware rc-1.5.7-310. The previous PreForm version 2.3.3 from last Friday morning works fine it just doesn’t work with the newest firmware and with the previous version rc-1.4.3-288 it always ends with the error code 41 or a brownout.

We would be very happy to get a solution as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

Hi there - sorry for all the continued trouble. There was an unexpected glitch with the PreForm 2.4.0 release. It’s been corrected, so that you can now download PreForm 2.4.0 with all necessary files and upgrade your Form 2’s firmware to rc-1.5.7. Thanks for the patience. Could you confirm with your support conversation once you’ve upgraded whether this resolves the error 41 message and brownout? It’s helpful for the team to document all issues.

Thanks for your reply Stephen. Today morning we have downloaded and installed the newest version of both PreForm and the hardware firmware. At first everything was working well but after 2 hours and 10 minutes the print failed again with the exact same error code 41.

PreForm 2.4.0 together with the firmware version rc-1.5.7-310 still gives us the error code 41.

When will there be the final fix? Unfortunately we need to print new prototypes as soon as possible.