Print defect

In the printed part a line parallel occurs at the base (the cylinder should be completely smooth throughout its length), at a height of about 5mm from the base. This defect happens regardless of location on the platform, and which causes a small variation size on the part. We have tried several files and prints so it does not seem to be an issue of it. This appears when the part is printed in a 0.05mm of resolution but With a resolution of 0.1 does not happen.

I have attached a photo of one of the printed pieces in which you can appreciate this phenomenon. See if you can tell me that it may be due.

That is due to the early layer print settings, it cures the first 5mm longer than the rest of the print to make the print stick better and be more stable. It’s not an issue when using supports because the line will be on the supports but it shows up when printing directly to the platform.

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