Price difference in switzerland (form3)


Hello, I would like to know why form3 is sold more expensive in Switzerland?
I am talking about the price on the official formlabs shop …

In euro: 3299 in France and 4360 francs in Switzerland …
The exchange is 1.12 francs for one euro which should give 3694 francs
That makes a difference of 666 frs … what is the reason?



Well you live in Switzerland share your wealth with Formlabs :smiley: Also francs have tendency to go up and down maybe that difference is protection of money difference or maybe its devils number :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


yes then we must leave the price in euro … like that there is no risk by formlabs! and it has been a long time since the euro is very low … in addition I have to pay VAT when I receive my package …
so it’s good prices or you have to add taxes …


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