Preform - Various bug fixes


Please detail what bugs are fixed or at least offer a few more details in the release notes for bugs that are known to impact users. Preform is updated often enough that I am not sure if any given upgrade helps or hurts. Knowing that a bug I am experiencing has been fixed (or not) helps me determine if I should take the risk of new bugs and upgrade (or not).

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Seconded. I have noticed differences here and there after certain updates, but can never be sure whether it’s natural variability or changes in the software.

Well, Preform went from 3.15.0 to 3.15.1 in just one day to fix a windows install issue and had the usual “Various bug fixes” in it so I’m guessing that means something and nothing at the same time.
And the funniest thing is that to keep versions aligned, MacOS users also got the windows install bug fixed :smiley:

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My Preform says it’s version 3.15, if yours says 1.15 there’s something not right there…

Note that Preform tells you what’s new in each version (albeit in a not-very-detailed way).

3.15 required a FW update for the printer, so the update was more than just a Windows install issue fix…


Thank you Randy, it was a mental typo, already edited it.
Yeah, they probably slipped in today’s FW update there as well. I did find it weird that there wasn’t any yesterday so that’s probably why.

Clicking on Release Notes leads you to the same release notes pages that only lists “various bug fixes” and not the actual bugs fixed which is what this post is requesting the Preform team do.

To be more clear, when you update Preform you often have to update the Firmware on the associated printers. So updating Preform (and corresponding Firmware) has the potential to introduce significant risk to a healthy print farm.

It is very hard to decide if the upgrade risk is worth it unless there is a compelling new feature or a bug significant to your environment has been fixed. We can’t determine that because the actual bugs fixed are _not _ listed in the release notes.

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