PreForm older versions

Hello to every Formers.
days ago I’ve read on forum that someone could be interested into older versions of PreForm software. I’ve update on a free hosting website the old versions of the FormLab printer (for Windows only).
I’ve collected them till the version 0.9 (sorry, maybe I’ve missed some releases)

PreForm 0.9.0: October 2013.

PreForm 0_9_0_1: October 2013.

PreForm 0_9_1: November 2013.

PreForm 0_9_2: November 2013.

PreForm 0_9_2_1: December 2013.

PreForm 1_0_0: January 2014.

PreForm 1_1_0: February 2014.

PreForm 1_2_1: February 2014.

PreForm 1_3_0: March 2014.

PreForm 1_4_1: June 2014.

PreForm 1_5_0: June 2014.

PreForm 1_5_1: June 2014.

PreForm 1_5_2: June 2014.

PreForm 1_6_0: August 2014.

PreForm 1_6_1: October 2014.

PreForm 1_7_0: October 2014.

PreForm 1_7_1: November 2014.

PreForm 1_8_0: December 2014.

PreForm 1_8_1: December 2014.

PreForm 1_8_1_3: December 2014.

PreForm 1_8_2: March 2015

PreForm 1_9_3: July 2015.

PreForm 2_0_0: December 2015.

PreForm 2_0_2: January 2016.

PreForm 2_1_0: February 2016.

PreForm 2_2_1: March 2016.

PreForm 2_3_1: April 2016.

PreForm 2_3_2: April 2016.

PreForm 2_3_3: April 2016.

PreForm 2_4_1: June 2016.

PreForm 2_5_0: June 2016.

PreForm 2_6_0: August 2016.

PreForm 2_6_1: August 2016.

PreForm 2_7_0: September 2016.

PreForm 2_7_1: September 2016.

PreForm 2_8_0: September 2016.

Hope it could be usefull.
Best regards,

p.s.: some versions are missing and who have them and like to share, please post in this thread. Thanks.


I occasionally open up older versions of PreForm for a walk down memory lane. It’s incredible how much has changed in just a few years.

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Yes Craig, the software changed so much. Like a baby that is growing up. I don’t know if this post will be usefull to the “formers” here, but I think that I would like to take care this thread and update it with newer versions. Like drawing the lines on a wall of the growing steps that show how change heigh the “baby”, through the months :wink:

Best regards,

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Are there any dates to these older versions? I wish I still kept mine :\

Hello Edward,
I’ve tried to get the dates, but please thake them as approx. references, because these are the dates when I’ve stored the .exe files. But I hope this will help to have an idea about the periods.

Best regards,

That’s great! Cheers :slight_smile:

Hello. I’m adding here the new links where to find the last versions (for PC Win only). I can’t edit anymore the first post… pity.

PreForm 2_9_0: October 2016.

PreForm 2_9_1: November 2016.

PreForm 2_10_0: December 2016.

PreForm 2_10_2: January 2017.


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Hi Mattia,
Thanks for your work here. I absent mindedly updated from Preform 2.9 to 2.10 today and found the new version won’t run on my PC (2-year old Win7 machine). Luckily I still had the download file for 2.9 so I could revert to the old version of Preform. You are doing everyone a favor here. Thanks!

-Andy Hudson

Was that 2.10 or 2.10.1? Version 2.10 hit a bug in a couple of versions of Intel’s graphics drivers for Windows 7. We released the 2.10.1 version with a workaround for that issue. So if you hit that problem with 2.10, you should try upgrading to 2.10.1.

If you saw the issue with 2.10.1, then I’d really like more details.

Sorry we didn’t catch this one before shipping 2.10, but the particular combination of Intel graphics chips and drivers that had the bug is actually pretty rare.

Hello Andy,
Glad to be usefull. I’ve added to the last list the latest releases. I’ve missed the 2.10.1, but already have the 2.10.2 that solve the graphic cards issues and works for the new matte grey resin (v03), too.
Best regards,

PreForm 2_10_3: January 2017.
PreForm 2_11_0: March 2017


PreForm 2_11_1: April 2017.
PreForm 2_11_2: May 2017.
PreForm 2_11_3: June 2017.


PreForm 2_12_0: August 2017
PreForm 2_12_2: September 2017
PreForm 2_12_3: October 2017
PreForm 2_13_0: October 2017
PreForm 2_13_1: November 2017


PreForm 2_14_0: December 2017.
PreForm 2_14_1: January 2018.
PreForm 2_15_0: February 2018.

I’ve opened a “Firmware older versions” thread. Sorry they start only from 1.14.21 for the Form2. Hope that in a future it will be more useful.


here also some older releases of PreForm software and relatives versions for Mac.


PreForm 2_15_1: March 2018.


PreForm 2_16_0: May 2018.
PreForm 2_17_0: July 2018.


PreForm 2_17_1: August 2018.
PreForm 2_18_0: October 2018.

Dear Formers, if you need release notes, here the official page:

PreForm 2_19_1: December 2018.
(Sorry, lost the 2_19_2)
PreForm 2_19_3: January 2019.

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