PreForm Minimum Height Above Base

The documentation for Advanced Support Structures indicates:

Height Above Base
This value indicates the minimum height of support structures - the smallest distance between the part and the base. The default value and Formlabs’ recommended minimum is 5.0 mm; PreForm will reject any value 2.0 mm or less. If this minimum support height is too small, supports on parts with large surface areas may fail or deform due to normal shrinkage.

However, PreForm actually limits the value at 3.5mm.

I’m using PreForm v2.14.0.

Is it possible to reduce the height above base to 2.0mm?

Thanks for pointing this out. We recently made changes to the support algorithms which does require the height above base to be set greater than or equal to 3.5mm. I’ll forward this to our support team so that we can get that page updated to reflect the values in the recent update.

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