Preform - "Keep Out" areas

Please add a feature allowing for the user to specify “keep out” areas for laying out parts on a ghost-damaged resin tray.

We can do this manually of course by just moving the parts around, but much nicer if the software automatically blocks out areas previously identified as “bad” by the operator.

Neater still if these keep-outs can be stored as profiles, so that we can change them when switching out trays. The operator could just write on or label each tray with the name of the corresponding profile.

In terms of the GUI, it would be great to have this be another option on the far left menu that, when active, allows the user to click-toggle on each of the squares – dark means keep out, clear means usable space – with the result storable as a profile.

Apology is any part of this post is redundant. I scanned but didn’t thoroughly review all the prior posts on new features.



Excellent idea, I was thinking the same thing.

How would you do that without some sort of optical scanning of the pdms after each print? How would it work with colored resins? if the scanner can’t see through the resin tray.

Just xxx layers in the same area of the pdms doesn’t always means the area is no good. If the surface always degraded based on number of layers printed in the area then you might be able to do that through a height map recording as some others suggested on the forums.

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Hi Ken,

Doesn’t need to be elaborate; something manual would be fine. Just allowing the user either to fence out an area or, alternately, just to put an X in a simplified grid of boxes.

That sounds possible