Preform decimating mesh upon import

I have a problem when importing higher resolution STL files into Preform 1.5.2 (300,000 triangles). Upon importing into Preform the mesh is heavily decimated and fails integrity checks. If I ignore the checks I can clearly see that the mesh has been decimated.

Here’s the original mesh, which I’ve verified multiple times to be a clean, manifold mesh.

Here is what the mesh looks like upon importing into Preform:

Is there a hard limit on polycounts?

What happens if you reduce the poly count and try again?

It still reports integrity issues, but it does not decimate.

I’m having a hard time tracking down the integrity issues, though, as the mesh is clean.

Initially I thought it might be due to overlapping parts and so I bool unioned them together. But that shows no improvement.

Can you share the model so that we can try and replicate what you’re seeing on our end? You can do so privately, if you wish. That’d definitely be useful for our software team to take a look at — as far as I know, there are no hard limits on polycounts, and what you’re seeing there might just be visual artifacts of some kind. What does the slicer show? Either way, it looks a bit wonky.

Sure thing Sam. How would you like me to share it privately?

I don’t mind sharing the model, but it’s not my creation nor is it freely licensed and so best keep it private.

Note: I was finally able to get it to import at full quality by exporting it as an OBJ, but STL just continues to fail.

If you shoot me a link in a private message, that should do it, and I’ll pass it on to the software squad.

Thanks @Sam_Jacoby, sent you a PM.