Potholes in casting. Is it from the resin, the mold, or the silver

Ok so I’m going on my 10th cast now and I’m getting some usable jewlery but for the most part I’m still encountering potholes in some of the smooth areas of my jewlery. My setup is using an electric burnout oven set to the recomended temperatures. It is a small oven and I’m putting in an average of 12-18 items on the tree using a 3 3/8 x 4 inch flask with a vacume casting machine to cast. I’m using an oxy acitalene torch with a cutting tip set low so I don’t over melt the antioxidation .925 silver casting grain mixing it at a maximum of 50/50 new and scrap. I notice sometimes the button of my tree has some borax still stuck on it. Also my crucible has a layer of borax to prevent the silver from sticking to it.

One thing I’ve notices when I mixed wax models with resin models is that even my wax models have potholes. (Gas bubels? Carbon pockets from the resin?) Could it be I’m not degassing enough? I degas the investment and the flask and wait till the investment bubbles and drops. Should I degas it further?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you guys need any more info let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Also I read on another forum about flipping your flask and blow some air lightly into the flask once it reaches max temp to release any carbon or ash. Is that something any of you guys do or is this only for b9 creator resin?

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