Post-cured/joined prints with a DLP video projector?

i’d just be curious to know if anyone has done some tests regarding the subject, i was looking forwards to print out a intralattice (tesseract structure) cushion scaled 1:1 for a personal project of a chair prototype still in the making-modelling. obviously the dimensions of the cushion and all its parts joined together would exceed the ones of a little uv oven so i was thinking to beam it with the projector! is it feasible?

its how some other SLA machines actually operate

it might work but the resins are pretty specific as long as you have the UV exposure correct should in theory work… some use a 405 Nm hand held laser to “glue” parts together.

Thomas thanks so much! yes thanks i should definitely try with a laser it would be far more precise,i guess probably the projector is not a bad idea but it does have issues(i own a 4000 lumen,should work i think),projecting would be more like a macro treatment rather than a micro & precise localized modeling job(i’ll have to join all these little streaks but fortunately i’m kind of used to doing this crazy stuff,i’m more concerned about the printing). or probably i could rely on our free uv oven the sun :slight_smile:
this is the cushion of the chair (could have gone for something easier shah!:wink: it will be a non functional-sittable prototype just for show )


the black parts will be joined fdm prints (fortunately i’m already familiar with that,this will be chair 4). i think the cushion can be done but probably i’ll have to create some planar surfaces and keep the naked lattice just on the borders…;-)easier

Nice chair!

Most silkscreen supply places sell large UV lamps for exposing photo emulsion to make the screens. A couple of those, and a large cardboard box with aluminum foil lining should be a fine makeshift UV post-cure solution for big parts.

Conversely, at hobby shops you can buy a glue pen that applies UV resin, and then cures it with a UV LED in the handle. Something like that could probably be used to spot-cure parts of a large structure.

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