Please print a 4 inch model of my Grandfather for project

Hey Formlabs folk,

My name is Will, and I am the director of a humorous short film named HOW YOU DOIN,’ BOY? VOICEMAILS FROM GRAN’PA, which toured on the festival circuit and aired on NUVO TV a few weeks back. I am currently turning it into a web-series called GRAN’PA KNOWS BEST, which is slated to launch on January 5th, 2015.

For the short, a friend of mine printed 25 poses of Gran’pa on his job’s expensive industrial Objet (which uses polymer resin). Because I am planning on printing more characters on my own, to help expedite the process, I am looking to buy a good quality semi-professional printer and think that the Form 1+ is the one.

Before I buy, I would like to know if someone could print a pose of Gran’pa at 4 inch scale, so I can better determine the quality of the Form 1+ prints? The color doesn’t matter. I would just email you an .STL file and you print it.

I live in Newark, New Jersey, and would love to find someone who owns the Form 1+ and is based in New York City (or in close proximity). That way, I can just go to your office/apartment to check out the final print.

In addition, I can pay for this process (not a huge amount), and for any S&H if you don’t live close by.

Please email me at If you are interested. Thanks!

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