Plastic bottom curling in tank

The clear bottom of my LT resin tank is exhibiting a slight curl around the inside edges (about 1/8" of curl) where it looks like the bottom clear layer is delaminating from the tank structure.

I purchased the tank new and have only run about 1/4 liter of purple casting resin through it (and store it out of the tank when not in use).

Is it safe for me to refill the tank and continue printing? I don’t want the bottom to come apart and the resin to leak inside my machine.

There is no rippling over the window on the tank, just at the edges, and it’s pretty slight.

I don’t know if my experience helps:

When I cleaned the only failure I’ve had with Tough1500, I discovered there was a lifted-off section of about 15mm in the black frame sheet. I don’t know how it was made, maybe the part that fell was pushed against the 1mm raised edge by the wiper…

Nevertheless, apparently this is out of bounds for the wiper. So I ignored it.
It has stayed the same after 30 days, checked on it moments ago.


After 30 days:

Hopefully, this will not surreptitiously cut the 250-day lifetime short :grimacing: