Photocentric3D Hard clear

These images are a part printed on a Form 1+ using Photocentric3D Hard Clear resin on the Form 1+ Clear FLGPCL01 setting @ 0.1 layer thickness

The design is from the History channel series Vikings, they have some 3D printed props available to download It’s Rollo’s armband. I’ve also done a few Erlendur’s ring prints in castable which I plan to use a test casting pieces next week. Photo’s of that will follow at some point.

This is the only resin I’ve used apart from castable and it was a nightmare to remove from the build platform, I shattered the first one because it was really stuck to the platform. On the second one I snipped the model from its supports then removed the supports and base with the scraper.

When I get time I’ll polish this and remove the support marks then I might give it a coat of paint to see what it looks like. I didn’t pay much attention to scale before printing, it’s quite small, no way did that actor that plays Rollo wear one this size…

Cool Beans! I’ll have to go look those up. I’ve been printing From the NASA site…fun but not wearable…post when you finish…could be cool copper plated…well if it fit:)))

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Get one of these. It’s wicked sharp and you have to be wicked careful. But I have fits getting Tough prints off the build platform and this works great…

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The Form 2 pry tool works very good, if you can get one. Much safer!

No, I own a Form2 and the pry tool works better, but not very much better than the old Form1 method. I have been using a swiss army knife to get prints off the platform. But now I use this, it has more “reach”.