Pet Peeve

Why is it that the most expensive resin we buy (BioMed Clear @ $349 per) does not come with labels for my resin and storage tank like all other resins from Form Labs? :thinking:

Hey @bw17,

That’s a great question! I wasn’t aware that the stickers weren’t included her, but I will pass this information along to see if we can get them included going forward. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

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Does Formlabs supply anti-stupid stickers? I unfortunately have a shared use lab and every few weeks someone is messing with my printers when they shouldn’t be. I have them stored and situated exactly the way I want them (i might be a little OCD on this) and it just irritates me that someone can come in and swap resins just because they want to see what the printer will do… without changing the tank. GAH!
What do you mean “Grey resin isn’t compatible with my Surgical Guide tank”??? Wait, what grey are you talking about Mr. Form3B… oh lord. Who did that!!!

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Just recieved some biomed black and it too, does not come with a label…

Last box of Tough 1500 came with a Tough 2000 sticker :person_shrugging:t3:

Hi all,

Thank you for bringing this up, and sorry for the mix-ups you encountered with the resin labels. If you could, sharing photos of the issue along with the lot number of the resin with Support would let us best document the problem.

Honestly Jesse, at least from my perspective – You work for Formlabs, I find it a bit annoying you repeatedly ask users in minor cases like this to spend more time and send the same information to support that they just posted.

You have the information, you pass it along internally.

If you want I can post the lot number of my Tough 1500 cartridge that came with a Tough 2000 sticker?

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Hi @Reine,

Understood; I see where you’re coming from here. Just to explain my perspective, the reason I often ask users to contact support is due to how our issue reporting works internally. There has to be a support case created and linked to a particular issue or issues.

I can go ahead and make a case manually this time to track this issue. The lot number along with a photo (if available) would be ideal for us to follow up. Thanks as always for your understanding here.

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